My passion for interior design started as a young girl, playing with my Barbies.  My focus would completely move from my Barbies unto the furniture pieces, constantly moving them around until the room was complete.  I am fortunate enough to also have a mother that embraced my talent and from a young age my opinion regarding the house was welcomed and valued – we would make an area seem completely new, simply by utilizing what we had and presenting it in a new way.  I loved every second of it and was excited to learn that one can make a career out of this passion.

It was then, in my early teenage years that my dream of having my very own interior design studio was born.

My passion and the purpose in starting Luvnik is to accommodate clients who have this growing desire to “Zhoosh” up different areas within their homes and/or workspaces;  clients who have a love for beautiful things but do not necessarily know how to bring about the change they so long for.

In many cases, clients do not have the time – nor the money – to spend hours looking for ways to make their living spaces aesthetically pleasing or to simply add something here or there. It is my desire to make this process easier for you. That is why I thought it best to create an e-design studio.

An e-design studio will make it possible for me to help you from anywhere in the world; allowing me to share my passion and love for detail with you and enable your interior dreams to come true.

I would love to incorporate my passion and love for interior design, aesthetically pleasing décor, and furniture to provide a service, products and gift boxes to make life easier, better and more beautiful for YOU.

You deserve it!

Love Luvnik

What is to our

Deciding on a name was a big thing for me and I spent quite some time trying to get the perfect name that defines me as a person and that portrays my values, beliefs and character.

The name Luvnik just gives you a little “glimpse” of who I am.

The name Luvnik inspires




Let us make your ideas a reality